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New DNV 6ft Offshore Mini Container In STOCK


ACE Container & Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional Container and Parts supplier in China, already have over 10 years history in container industry, also exported products to over 95 countries, served over 1000 pcs of customers, have rick experience.

The Offshore Container is our hot product, we can supply all kinds of offshore container and equipment, such as 10ft 20ft 40ft offshore container, offshore basket, mud skip, bottle rack, waste skip, workshop etc.  All of them meets DNV2.7-1 standard.  There is also 4 legs sling option.

Now we have New DNV 6ft Mini Offshore Container in STOCK, please check the specifications as follows:

Meeting DNV2.7-1 stanard

Size: 6x6x8ft

LR Certification

Including middle deck

Including cargo net

With 4 legs Sling Set


If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us, we will offer the best price and supply more information for you.

Looking forward to your inquiry.

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2 6ft-offshore-container (3)
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1 6ft-offshore-container (2)
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ACE Container and Parts Co., Limited is a professional supplier of shipping containers and container parts.
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