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Particularly fast in thin sheet

For sheet thicknesses from 0.04-0.5 in., the DALILaser 2030 fiber makes the most of all of its strengths. It works especially quickly in this range, and exploits the productivity benefits of the solid-state laser compared to CO2 lasers.

Laser-cut vehicle rear seat

The openings and the trimming of the deep-drawn component are created using the DALILaser Cell Series 7000. Especially for small quantities, processing with conventional punching tools is often too expensive. With the DALILaser Cell Series 7000, you can cut all of the required contours fast, reducing production costs.

Precise and fast laser cutting

Compared to alternative processes, such as milling, the DALiLaser Cell Series 7000 offers a cost-effective alternative for complex components. The machine laser cuts all the outer contours and creates the through holes.

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